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Xposure International Photography Festival

Xposure is the official educational & imagery photography platform that combines a broad range of photography events including; Exhibitions, Workshops, Seminars, Presentations, Competitions, Photo Walks, a photographic product Trade Show. The trade show hosts leading photographic brands who showcase the latest cameras, accessories, and equipment to the public, and photographers from enthusiasts to professional, trade associations and retailers.

Embracing education and training in the visual arts, Xposure offers whole or partially subsidised workshops for beginners and experienced photographers alike. There is a complete agenda of training and educational programs structured as workshops, seminars, and photo-walks that will be on offer for all skill levels from beginner to professional. Xposure welcomes acclaimed award-winning International photographers and industry experts from across the globe to share knowledge and techniques.

Xposure is a Non-Profit organisation that supports training and education in photography & film-making. All workshops at Xposure during the annual festival, are at are subsidised by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau and therefore offered at greatly reduced costs. Placements on the Beginner Level workshops are on a registration fee only basis subject to availability.

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