The Magic of Time

The Secret Formula to Photography

Are you tired of returning home from trips or outdoor adventures with disappointing images? Do you want to take dynamic and unique sports or action photos? If so, join Roland Pokrywka for a workshop on the magic of the camera shutter.

In this hands-on session, Roland Pokrywka will focus on the various shutter speeds and how they affect motion in photos. You’ll learn to use super-fast speeds to freeze action, create motion blur effects, and capture the Milky Way. You’ll also discover the best camera settings for panning, zoom burst, ICM, Milky Way photography, and star trails. Plus, you’ll get tips on planning your shots, finding the right light, and framing techniques to elevate your practice.

This workshop is designed for photography enthusiasts who want to learn fast and can’t attend my intensive half-day class. Don’t miss this opportunity to take control of your camera and take amazing photos. 


In this workshop, you will learn the following: 

  • Shutter speeds and how they can be used 
  • Fast, mid, and slow shutter speeds
  • Understanding the mechanics of the shutter
  • Tips for framing and composition 
  • Improving your skills by providing valuable insights and techniques


What you need to bring: 

A digital camera 

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Fri 10 Feb 23


14:00 - 15:30


$ 25.00


  • Roland Pokrywka




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Xposure International Photography Festival