Shaping the Light - Stage X

Shaping the light Live Stage Shoot

Did you always want to know why a beauty dish is called a beauty dish and what umbrella photographers use?
How can you let a person look much younger or older? And how to shape a person’s face with lighting?

In this workshop, Sabrina Rynas will guide you through different light-shaping tools and how they affect the perception of a human face.
You will learn the difference between soft and hard lighting and what light-shaping tools will help you achieve
the perfect lighting for your subject.

Co-Presented with Emmanuel Pascal Ottaro


Sabrina Rynas is a German-born Photographer who travelled the world before establishing herself in Dubai.
Her keen eye for detail and love for everything shiny make Dubai her one great big studio.
Within a few short years, Sabrina has been recognised as one of the city’s leading fashion and lifestyle photographers.
With a degree in Fine Arts, the studied artist easily balances between still-life and people photography. Lauded for her professionalism and ability to cut to the subject’s core, she has worked with some of the most valuable high-end brands, such as L’oreal Paris, Versace, and Mercedes.

Her editorial work has appeared in various international magazines such as Vogue Arabia, Elle, and GQ.
Her creative exploits have now established her as a commercials director, having directed for brands such as Mini BMW, Chopard and Level Shoes. Her love for the image clearly shows in every flash of her camera, where each photo tells a story and connects with the artist in her. With the rich experience to draw from, Sabrina is a creative force who can produce work for auto, beauty and lifestyle.

  • Duration: 30 min


12 Feb 2023


11:00 - 11:30


Stage X - Hall 2