Photographic Education in the 21st Century

Join photographers Muhammed Muheisen, Douglas Dubler, Lars Boering, and Professor J Thomas Lopez for a workshop on visual literacy in the 21st century. In this workshop, experts will discuss the skills needed to become a successful photographer in production and distribution and how to prepare for a career in image-making in all its forms. We’ll also cover the importance of education in visual literacy, including verbal and written proficiency, preparing a portfolio, and finding opportunities with magazines, agencies, museums, and galleries.

During the workshop, each panellist will present for 20 minutes, followed by a 30-minute Q&A session where panellists will ask each other questions for clarification. We’ll explore topics such as the skills that have helped the panellists succeed, the changes that have been the most dramatic in their practice, and the strengths and weaknesses of participants in their classes and workshops. This workshop will last approximately 1.5 hours.

Muhammed Muheisen: Photojournalism/ Visual Media
Photojournalism – telling stories of people, social issues and events for diverse and modern media outlets, including digital and print media, creating and publishing still photographic images and moving and interactive media. The visual essay documents diverse cultures, evoking both the mundane and the melodramatic elements of contemporary life and society. Photojournalism allows for flexibility and individual specialization – photographers can find their primary interests and focus.

Douglas Dubler: Advertising and Fashion Photography
Advertising photography – prepares students for diverse careers in visual communications. The plan of study encourages and nurtures individual image-making practice. Students learn to create photographs and moving media for a wide range of commercial use in today’s fast-changing media environment. Working with clients in Fashion, Editorial, Food, etc.

Lars Boering: Fine Art Photography
Fine art photography prepares students for careers as visual artists and educators. The focus is to develop a personal aesthetic vision through photographic expression by studying the theoretical and practical skills needed to create thought-provoking and meaningful images and developing technical, conceptual, and aesthetic abilities.

Professional Practice – J Tomas Lopez
This aims to provide the resources for success after graduation when working in photography. Learning how to develop a professional network after school; what skills are needed to contact potential clients in various career opportunities. Practical information – how to correctly estimate and bill a job, track expenses, build and maintain a website, and create and present a portfolio.

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Wed 15 Feb 23


14:15 - 15:45


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  • J. Tomas Lopez
  • Muhammed Muheisen
  • Lars Boering
  • J. Tomas Lopez




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