Panel Discussion: Web3, NFT and AI in Photography with X-Photographers Elia Locardi (USA), Waleed Shah (UAE) and Beno Saradzic (UAE) Stage X

Panel Discussion: Web3, NFT and AI in Photography

Join us for a panel discussion with three expert X-Photographers digging into the good, the bad, the threat, and promise of new technological trends in photography.

Elia Locardi (USA) is a founder of the Light.Art NFT community photography project, and Radiant Photo, a powerful AI powered image processing engine.

Waleed Shah (UAE) is a well known presence in the NFT photography community in the Middle East and beyond, with his own projects as well as conducting hands on educational workshops.

Beno Saradzic (UAE) is a leading architectural photographer with his own experience using sophisticated post production techniques and tools that are increasingly employing AI and machine learning.



  • Duration: 40 min


12 Feb 2023


15:20 - 16:00


Stage X - Hall 2


Fujifilm Middle East


  • FujiFilm Middle East