Organizing Photos with Adobe Lightroom Classic

Organizing Photos with Adobe Lightroom Classic – JNR

Would you like to put an end to your digital chaos? Join this workshop and learn how to utilise Lightroom’s Classic Library module to import and organise all your photographs.

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of pictures you have and the sheer magnitude of the task to organise them is weighing you down – fear not! Join me for a short, interactive workshop where I will introduce you to Lightroom’s Classic Library module. Learn my quick import techniques, take back control over what to keep and what to delete, and end the constant worry of losing your pictures!

During this workshop, we will go step by step through the whole import process, my backup strategy, the essential app and catalogue settings, the panels, menus and app views, add keywords and rate images, choose the best and remove the weak ones. Finally, we will tour Lightroom’s super powerful image search engine and explore the fantastic smart collections feature that allows organising pictures more meaningfully.

You’ll leave the workshop inspired and empowered to battle through your storage and finally bring order to the thousands of your digital memories.

“I remember when, after returning from a trip, I used to develop films, get prints and create beautiful albums – a long-lasting memory. Fast forward to digital cameras, the modern era of countless memory cards, external hard drives and thousands of pictures inhabiting that wasteland without seeing the light of day…” – Roland Pokrywka.



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Wed 15 Feb 23


10:30 - 12:00


$ 15.00


  • Roland Pokrywka




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