Magazine assignments to Advertising campaigns.

Magazine Assignments to Advertising Campaigns.

Listed in Lürzer’s Archive magazine’s TOP 200 Advertising Photographers in the World, Philip Lee Harvey will share with you his experiences in Commercial Photography. He will guide you through all aspects of making impactful images for clients, from concepts & costings to creating photo essays and large-scale advertising campaigns. Being able to “shoot for purpose” is an essential skill for any commercial image maker. He will take you through his process and explain the language used.

This workshop is aimed at all levels, from beginners to those already making a living in commercial photography.


What you will learn in this workshop:

  • Understanding and interpreting a brief. This is where understanding the visual language used to sell a product or destination is crucial—knowing the target audience and the message that needs to be portrayed.
  • Budgets and pre-shoot planning. Many questions and problems that a commercial photo shoot can bring can be answered before beginning. Winning an assignment isn’t always about creative talents; quotations and pre-production skills are also important.
  • Working with art directors and clients. Many photographers are used to working alone, and it takes a different skill to collaborate and understand the vision and needs of others whilst maintaining your own style.
  • Understanding formats and page layouts to include headlines A commercial image maker needs to know and understand the final use; otherwise, it’s not fulfilling the client’s brief. Will the final image be a magazine cover or a large poster? The approach has to be adaptable.
  • Post-production and retouching. This is where the finished images obtain their final look and feel and can give longevity to work within an advertising campaign or magazine article.
  • Developing and promoting your own style. By its very nature, commercial photography is highly competitive. How do you stand out and make sure the right people get to see your work? Understanding your own brand and current trends is essential.


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Sat 11 Feb 23


14:45 - 15:45


$ 25.00


  • Philip Lee Harvey




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