Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic

Ok, so you use a camera in manual mode, learnt creative techniques, shooting in RAW to get the best quality image, and are still disappointed with your pictures? You must learn to edit!

Are your pictures looking a bit dull? Lacking vibrancy, contrast, sharpness or that unique wow factor? Join my workshop and learn how to utilise Lightroom’s Classic Develop module to take your photography to the next level!

Photography is a three-step process: shot > edit > print. If you skip the editing part and do not develop your RAW images (digital negatives), you are missing a lot.

You may be using excellent photographic gear, capturing great shots, and still wonder what you are doing wrong and why your pictures are not looking the same way as the images you see online. And the answer could not be more straightforward. Editing.

During this workshop, we will go through the whole workflow, from the quick import and guided editing process to the export for web and print.

You will learn how to fix lens problems, straighten lines, remove unwanted objects, and improve your images’ colours, sharpness, and depth. We will also look at Presets and how you can apply unique styles to your pictures with just one click.

You’ll leave the workshop inspired and empowered to start editing your images and creating beautiful photographs you will be proud to print and share with your friends.


  • Lightroom Classic quick import
  • Develop module overview.
  • The most important panels and settings.
  • Step-by-step editing workflow – global and local adjustments.
  • Batch editing – speed up your workflow.
  • Virtual copies – give your images different looks.
  • Masks – quick introduction.
  • How to export images for web and print.


What Should Students Bring?

No equipment is necessary as this workshop does not include hands-on practice but if you would like to bring your laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic installed, you can follow some of the steps explained during the workshop.

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Tue 14 Feb 23


14:30 - 16:30


$ 35.00


  • Roland Pokrywka




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