Infrared B&W Image in Motion with Samir Siryani

Infrared B&W Image in Motion with Samir Siryani

Join a talk with Samir Siryani, a filmmaker and photographer passionate about Infrared B&W Photography. In this talk, he will delve into the technical and creative aspects of creating Infrared B&W moving images.

In 2016, Siryani was preparing for his short film “CONTACT” shoot and wanted to create an intense and severe B&W image that the Infrared mode could only produce. Turning a 5D Mark II into an Infrared-only camera was a complicated technical and visual process involving collaboration between a camera technician in Lebanon and a team in the US.

During the talk, Siryani will highlight the importance of the technical choice of using Infrared B&W in inspiring a unique photographic style and influencing the cinematography. He will showcase how this choice helped to create a distinctive world for the film’s characters and further enhanced their psychological and emotional dimensions. This talk is a must-attend for photographers and filmmakers interested in exploring the technical and creative potential of Infrared B&W photography.

  • Duration: 40 min


14 Feb 2023


20:00 - 20:40


Stage X - Hall 2