Importance of Engagement - Rob Irving

Why is Engagement Important in Photography?

In this workshop, you will explore how deep engagement with the subject of an image can elevate its value. Considering lighting, composition, and subject material, Robert Irving will guide you in creating photographs that project emotion. The more deeply the photographer engages with their subjects and surroundings, the more palpable the inherent emotion and the greater reward for both the viewer and photographer. Join us for this immersive workshop and learn how to create powerful, emotive photographs through deep engagement with your subjects


In this workshop, you will learn the following: 

  • The fundamental building blocks of any good photograph
  • The two types of photographs: animate and inanimate
  • The concept of engagement in photography
  • How deeper engagement with your environment leads to better photographs
  • Strategies for engaging more deeply with your subjects
  • Techniques for engaging with seemingly uninteresting scenarios
  • The role of understanding human nature in creating meaningful engagement with others
  • The importance of slowing down your photographic approach
  • The process of pre-visualizing the intended capture



09 Feb 2023


15:15 - 16:15


$ 25.00


  • Robert Irving




Workshop Zone
Xposure International Photography Festival