Get Closer to People and Conquer your Fear

Get Closer to People and Conquer your Photography Fears

« Get closer to people and overcome all the obstacles to capture unique and real emotions in the street. »

This is a practical and theory based workshop useful for photographers who feel that they are at an intermedia level and who want to increase their knowledge for build a strong portfolio

Do you already have a photographic practice, sporadic or regular but you have the feeling that your level is not progressing, that you are always making the same photos?  This could mean you need some new technical advice or,  to find new direction and subjects of inspiration… so you can raise the quality of your Portfolio and finally shoot the street like a master.

Key Points & Topics during this workshop:

  • Walk in a busy areas of your city where we will practice
  • Learn to step back and learn to feel the most photogenic situations
  • Reminder of the main modes of the camera useful for Street Photography
  • Techniques and excuses to dare to go to people and photograph them freely
  • Optimize your photo practice to photograph only the essentials and zap the rest
  • The decisive moment and its conditions : how to feel it, and how to provoke it…
  • Think about the composition before shooting anything that moves ?
  • Practice around the concept of speed for capture fast subjects
  • When to shoot in color and when to take pictures in B&W ?
  • Techniques to learn to identify unique topics in the street
  • When to use a viewfinder and at what time of the day ?
  • Tips for mastering the concept of speed in V mode
  • Use the screen camera is it really a lazy habit ?
  • How to successfully apprehend M mode
  • When one is not sure of oneself or when one has very little time to decide
  • Know the sociology of his environment before taking out a camera
  • Master the long exposure and the night-time photography
  • The depth of field: the soft focus and the sharpness !
  • The flash to unclog shadows against the light
  • What should not be photographed
  • The best time of the day to photograph
  • When to zoom in and when to get closer to your subjects ?
  • Learn how to read light in the street and moving according to it
  • Learn to be reactive to capture the famous « Decisive Moment »
  • How to approach a specific theme and do Storytelling with your picstures


What Do I need to bring?

A camera and len(s) that you use for street photography

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Fri 10 Feb 23


15:00 - 19:00


$ 60.00


  • Souhayl A




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