Capturing the Night Sky

Capturing the Night Sky

Learn how to capture the spectacular beauty of the stars and night sky from Fujifilm X-Photographer Aws Zuhair.

Aws will take you step by step through his process of planning, camera settings, and composing the perfect shot. Learn about the Milky Way, the best times to photograph it, and how to create star trails.


Aws Zuhair is an international award-winning professional landscape photographer. He is an educator, workshop organizer and leader. Aws has been passionate about photography since childhood and started taking photography seriously in 2015. He is always looking for beauty and how best to translate it into an image

Aws lived for six years in Malaysia, with the spectacular landscape of South East Asia, which had a significant impact on his style of photography; he decided to begin his journey with landscape photography.

In 2015, Aws started his journey as a landscape photographer by exploring the beauty of the countries of South East Asia. Moving from country to country and visiting a lot of cities and villages to capture the hidden beauty

Aws is a FUJIFILM X Photographer and has won many international photography competitions. He continues to speak at international photography events and photography workshops.

  • Duration: 40 min


12 Feb 2023


16:00 - 16:40


Stage X - Hall 2


Fujifilm Middle East


  • FujiFilm Middle East