Building Visual Language

Building Visual Language

Visual language can be diagrammed in the same way you can diagram a sentence. And when you start crafting stories from a series of good photographs there is a plan, not just a series of happy accidents. Often more technical photographs bolster the set of social documentary photographs and their associated sound bytes as you travel the world (or your own backyard) to create a paragraph – or longer document – out of all of the individual photographic sentences. The easiest way to think about creating a story for a publication like National Geographic is that you are storyboarding a movie… the movie is never made but the images and their associated sound bites fit together from one to another.

Randy Olson is a photographer in the social-documentary tradition. Published in LIFE, GEO, Smithsonian and other magazines, he has primarily photographed projects for National Geographic magazine. In 2011, Randy founded The Photo Society ( to provide support for, and exposure to National Geographic photographers as the economics of print dwindles. When National Geographic closed their archive, agency and gallery, Randy decided to rebuild the archive within the auspices of The Photo Society (

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